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Phoenix homeowner says ‘going green’ makes her see ‘red’

Going solar seems to be a growing trend, however a Phoenix woman says she decided to go solar, but after she did she says her utility bill actually went up.

Source: Phoenix homeowner says ‘going green’ makes her see ‘red’


FERC Rejects Rick Perry’s Plan to Prop up Struggling Coal and Nuclear Plants

The U.S. Secretary of Energy received a lump of coal this Christmas. There are several articles in today’s news reporting that the FERC has rejected Rick Perry’s plan to help out struggling coal and nuclear plants. This is good news, as it shows that the FERC is acting responsibly and rationally by not giving into political pressures to save the dying coal industry. Natural Gas is the new king of the energy jungle, with renewables coming up not far behind. This is also good news for the environment. Thank you, FERC.

News Article:

Letter from Rick Perry to FERC:


Gain Confidence and Save Money in the New Year with a Utility Bill Audit!

Are you searching for ways to save your organization money this year? Is worrying about your utility bills affecting your self-esteem? You might be surprised to find a stack of cash sitting in your utility bills. Let us show you what we can find! Gain peace of mind by letting TriStem take care of your utility bill woes.

Our audits examine your past bills for errors and your current bills for cost saving opportunities. We have found that over 80% of our clients have been over-billed on their utility bills. Average refunds obtained for overcharges per client is 5% of your annual utility expenditures. Average future savings received as a result of our corrections is 4% of your annual utility expenditures.

What is a utility bill audit?

The word “audit” can sound scary, but it is simply a review of your past bills to find overcharges and cost saving opportunities. TriStem can audit your electric, gas, water, telephone, and/or waste bills. We identify errors and contact the utility company on your behalf to obtain refunds and implement cost savings measures.

Benefits of a Utility Bill Audit:

  • Save time by letting TriStem worry about your accounts
  • Get money now for refunds on errors
  • Save money on future utility costs
  • Have your accounts reconciled by an expert
  • Gain valuable knowledge about your utility accounts
  • Act as a good steward for your stakeholders/taxpayers
  • Reallocate your savings for other uses

How do I get started?

Start the new year right and get empowered about to your utility costs. Contact TriStem today for a free preview of your utility bills.