Need to Increase School Revenue? Here is a Creative Solution

TriStem attended the Waco Chamber’s lunch power hour today, which discussed school finance issues. Unfortunately all schools are not equally funded in the State of Texas. Fund are distributed disproportionately across the state.

Aside from funds not being distributed equally, the funds themselves are actually decreasing. According to the Equity Center research, State funding to schools in Texas is steadily decreasing and this poses a problem to schools as local funding is relied on more and more. The state has increased funding for schools in the 2018 year by only $6.5 million dollars, while $3 billion is actually what is needed to accommodate the increase in student population in the state.

Creative solutions will be needed to solve the school finance problems in Texas. TriStem can help under-funded schools obtain much needed revenue. TriStem can audit your utility bills to see if you have been overcharged in the past and due refunds. We also check for ongoing savings measures that can be implemented to save you money on your bills going forward. We audit the following bill types your school pays:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water/Sewer
  • Waste
  • Telecommunications

Recent refunds obtained for audits we have performed for Independent School Districts in the State of Texas total $552,102. Annual savings obtained total $221,896.

Our utility bills audits are risk free. You only pay us a percentage of the refunds obtained and or savings obtained during the audit. Call TriStem today for a free preview of your bills!


Thank you to Waco Chamber and the Equity Center for shedding light on school finance issues we are facing today.

#schoolfinance #utilitybillaudits


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