Although this article is about life insurance, the same ideas can be applied to the electric & gas utility industries. If you don’t completely understand your electric bill or contract, you could have been overcharged for an extended period of time without even knowing it! TriStem Ltd can not only help you understand your bill, but we can help you save money, take control and reduce your utility costs going forward.Utility article


City of Killeen Street Light Field Work

TriStem recently completed a review of the City of Killeen and the City of Copperas Cove’s guard lights. As a part of our audits, we go out in the field to check the accuracy of the our clients’ lighting bills. These field visits are always full of surprises!

We found several broken lights and a strange twisted light. Approximately 10% of the lights we checked were broken or missing the dome. This is alarming considering that street light maintenance is included in the cost per light.

Aside from the broken lights, we came across a field of sunflowers, a strange assortment of stop signs, and a gaggle of geese! There was even a guard light located in the middle of the field of sunflowers with vines growing up the side. We hope that light is not included in the City’s bill.  One of the sunflowers made it all the way back to Waco, to brighten up the office! Thank you City of Killeen and City of Copperas Cove for letting TriStem be of service to you and your citizens!

Article Describes Fraudulent Websites in the Texas Deregulated Electric Industry

Over 10 years since our founder, Joe Seeber, published Wired for Greed, the electric industry is still ripe with fraud. This article talks about deceptive websites pretending to be the official State of Texas Power to Choose website. It’s sad that certain companies are taking advantage of those who are not familiar with the electricity market.

Watchdog: Don’t let phony 1-cent electricity plans and knockoff websites fool you


Electric company charges woman for street lights for 25 YEARS! Returns $10,000 in overcharges

Here is an interesting article about a woman who was unknowingly paying for 2 street lights on her block.  Did you know that municipalities are frequently billed incorrectly on street lights? A majority of our clients have street light billing errors.  Electric companies are not always the best at keeping their records straight…